Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm a quitter!

So, as you may know I cancelled my Facebook account last week. I was at work and having a bad day, and got one too many friend request, whiney post, whatever; I blew my top. "Up yours, Facebook!" And with that bold cry, I deleted my account. It was easy. It was also easy to reactivate. Deleting and reactivating your Facebook account is exactly like logging out then logging in again, with one extra "are you sure?" step thrown in.

Anyway, Facebook missed the hell out of me and welcomed me back with open arms and promises not to be such a butthole in the future.

The real reason, I suspect, that I quit Facebook is that I quit smoking. I count the official quit date as New Year's Day, as I had my last one on the Eve. That last one was the first in about four days; I had gotten sick and went on the lozenge. So I had my ceremonial last smoke New Year's Eve, more out of a sense of transition than actually wanting one. Then I woke up January 1 and went cold turkey.

Cole turkey meant, for me, no smoking, no more lozenges, pills, patches or gums. I'd tried all these things with some degree of failure in the past. There is a secret weapon. I did not have the secret weapon in the past. The secret weapon is actually wanting to quit.

So, 19 days in and I feel great. I still get cranky from time to time, but the mood swings are lessening, or I'm getting accustomed to them. My brother in law said that the last time he saw Tracy and I he thought we were super hopped up on caffeine; turns out we just have more energy. I do feel great.


  1. "Quitters always WIN!" That's what was written on a CAKE for me and a few of my friends back during my senior year at college... we all quit major things in our lives at that point. It was great.

    I'm, dare I say, "proud" of you and Tracy for quitting smoking. I'm super happy for you in any case.

    And yes, you both did seem to have made a significant shift when we last saw you.

    You know you have the Millers on your side of this battle. We'll help however we can - even if that means just not saying anything.

    Congrats... Day 19 and counting! :)

  2. That is exactly how I quit. Cold turkey almost a year ago now. It's the only method that truly works. Keep it up, it does get so much easier. :)