Saturday, February 7, 2009

At least 50

We're having a warm few days; it's like 50 outside right now. This is fantastic, as it's been between 0 and 20 for what seems like a month.

Last night I got out of the house and went running around for a while; today I'm puttering around cleaning. I hope to make it to the recycling center at some point today, because it's been a long time. That stuff pile up, you know. It does take a little bit of the shine off having only one or two bags of trash per week when you have to lay the seat down in your car to take all the plastic, cans and cardboard across town.

Not all my posts have to be comedy gold, you know. Enjoy the warm day.


  1. Our recycling is so bad. I am glad that is Dave's job. It was 72 here yesterday. I love spring in Feb.

  2. Yesterday we were out shopping and Delia kept asking for water guns and we kept saying "No" and she was hollering "But It's SPRING!!!"
    Yeah, that Was nice.

  3. Tristan still talks about the time he played squirt guns at your house, like 2 years ago.