Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day!

OK, let's all get together and let a rodent conduct meteorological predictions, shall we? I can never remember if seeing the shadow means more winter or what. I know there are two groundhogs, but it's Phil's judgement that I trust.

But is it Phil? How long does a groundhog live? This may be a conspiracy, a hoax perpetrated upon the American people. The real magical weather predicting rodent may be dead. The whole town could be in on it. They may secretly just be consulting the Farmer's Almanac and manipulating the whole shadow spectacle. A shadow groundhog organization, if you will.

Anyway, here's hoping for early spring. Suck it, winter.

(Amazingly, nothing came up when I spell checked this. First time ever!)


  1. Phil saw his shadow... meaning more winter. blech. It's easy to remember that if he sees it, he's scared back down into the hole to hide from winter. If no shadow, he stays out to enjoy SPRING!!! (So, i've been told...) But I hear French Creek Freddie is more accurate.... I haven't heard his report as of yet.

  2. Freddie did not see his shadow. Screw Phil.

  3. I want to know who is dumb enough to get that close to a crazy ass groundhog?